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Somebody – Depeche Mode


“Somebody” by Depeche Mode, an acoustic cover by Mike Massé.

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Liner Notes:

I’ve been aware of “Somebody” since at least my senior year of high school, when Matt Johnson sang it at the Pops Festival (the annual talent show) at Fairview High School in Boulder, CO. I won’t mention the year…. 😉

I’ve always really loved the song, but I’ve never actually played it on piano, opting for guitar instead. I thought others might appreciate this arrangement, since it’s a nice song to play. I’ve been playing it for years, and I’m happy to have finally recorded it for YouTube. The lyrics are lovely, but perhaps a bit irreverent and unexpected at times. Definitely not a traditional love song in some respects, but the message is still “awwww” inspiring.

My guitar is an Ovation Custom Legend shallow bowl.

I use Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb Light HD strings.

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