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The Metro – Berlin


“The Metro” by Berlin, an acoustic cover by Mike Massé, featuring Bryce Bloom and Rock Smallwood.

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Liner Notes:

Hello, Denver! We decided to show some love to RTD (Denver’s Regional Transportation District) and give our acoustic cover of Berlin’s “The Metro” a local touch. Trains are fun! But seriously, we’re grateful for public transit.

We hopped on a train in Littleton one night and rode to Union Station, and then made our way to Larimer Square (bokeh!) and the 16th Street Mall.

I was lucky enough to get to see Berlin a couple of times in the 80’s, I think both times in Boulder, CO. Once was when they opened for Yes (that happened!), and the other was opening for the Thompson Twins. With all due respect to all three twins, I was there for first and foremost for Berlin. I would still love to see them again if I get the chance. My three favorite Berlin songs were this one (“The Metro”), “The Masquerade” and “Now It’s My Turn.” …. OK back, had to be listening to “Masquerade” while I type this–mission accomplished. Terri Nunn. There is…Nunn like her? But seriously, that voice. So vulnerable, so strong. Such a lovely head voice, but she rarely needs it. She doesn’t need sopranic vocal heights to conquer your ears and heart. And all the while the music sings, and still sometimes remember, the masquerade’s forever. Oh, sorry. Got caught up in the song for a second.

Terri’s vocal power is rivaled only by her vocal control. She pours her whole soul into every phrase. She approaches every chorus with enough of the familiar, yet enough variation to keep you guessing and your ears glued. She’s got a story and you’re going to listen to her, so sit down and listen. Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re welcome. She’s amazing, right? And people say she’s attractive, but I never noticed. Ahem. Anyway, back to the music.

Arpeggios! 🙂 That signature synth riff is one of my favorite synth riffs of all time. And I have a LOT of favorite synth riffs. I got synth riffs for days. But this one was just perfect. Those octaves pulsing in your ears until Terri takes over, telling you about her heartache, her betrayal. Terri is reacting to some things here, people. And we’re here for it. She only loved you too much. She now wishes she’d never met you. She hates you for loving her. You feel her pain, and you step back at the power of her love and rage. You remind yourself it’s just a song. But it just took you somewhere. And you want to go back, so you book a return trip and hit rewind.

OK…listening to “Now It’s My Turn” now. I like how she Mirandizes the subject in the interlude (reads them their rights)–speaks to the former public defender in me. Oh man, the last few choruses of that song….it’s like we hear the rawness of her soul as that little edge peaks through on her voice on certain notes–just perfect.

So yeah, really good stuff. If you dig 80’s pop with a rock edge and no apologies, check out Berlin. Yeah, too many qualifiers. If you have functioning ears and a pulse, check out Berlin. 🙂 I’m so glad I found them when I did.

What you’re hearing:

Mike Massé – vocals, rhythm guitar, stomp pedal
Rock Smallwood – lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Bryce Bloom – bass

Rock and Bryce are members of the Mike Massé Band, where we do cool 80’s and 90’s tunes (like this one).

Thanks to Nathan Mitchell for filming the studio portion. The video looks great. We shot this the same day as we did the Dokken cover, “Alone Again.”

I recorded my vocals and Rock’s and my guitars with my Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone into my UA Apollo.

I use Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb Light HD strings.

My guitar is an Ovation Custom Legend shallow bowl.

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