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Your Song – Elton John


“Your Song” by Elton John, an acoustic cover by Mike Massé featuring Bryce Bloom.

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Liner Notes:

It’s a little bit funny that it’s taken me this long to cover this song, but I’m glad we got it done. I hope you like it. It’s pretty intimidating, singing such an iconic and well-known song that was sung in such a personal way.

And yes, I intentionally fixed the grammar. “If I *were* a sculptor”. Subjunctive of the wish. My Latin taught me something: English, ironically. And the little chuckle that follows is sincere, as I imagine people wondering if I just intentionally corrected the grammar. Yes. Yes, I did. And if I was a grammar Nazi just now, forgive me. See–that’s how you use “was” vs. “were”.

Thanks to Bryce Bloom for playing bass on this. The bass part really holds the arrangement together.

Thanks to Wild Dog Stomp pedals out of Australia for providing the awesome stomp. My model is the Bunyip.

My guitar is an Ovation Custom Legend shallow bowl.

I use Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb Light HD strings.

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